#7331 Standard Kit Plus Metric Allen Hex  
Phillips, Standard Allen Hex, Slotted, Socket Adapter & Metric Allen Hex 

National Stock Number (NSN)

National Item Identification Number
(NIIN) 01-144-0559
  • 8-Piece Kit 
  • Famous Midget Ratchet 
  • 7 interchangeable insert bits 
  • Packed in a soft case


7 - METRIC HEX INSERT BITS: (size indicates distance across flats)
1.5MM    2.0MM      2.5MM   3.0MM    4.0MM   5.0MM   6.0MM
National Stock Number (NSN)

National Item Identification Number
(NIIN) 01-034-2758
  • 13-Piece Kit 
  • Famous Midget Ratchet
  • 11 interchangeable insert bits 
  • Spinner top 
  • Packed in a soft case.



11 - ALLEN HEX-TYPE INSERT BITS:(size indicates distance across flats)
.050"   1/16"    5/64"    3/32"    7/64"    1/8"    9/64"    5/32"    3/16"    7/32"     1/4"
National Stock Number (NSN)    
National Item Identification Number  
(NIIN) 01-109-6233
Standard & Metric Allen Hex Kits 5573733113132307
Great for Military & Aerospace, Road & Mountain Bikes, Homeowner & All Purpose 
Why our Allen Kits are more versatile than allen hex key sets! 
  • 144 possible tool combinations! Interchange between: 
  • Stubby screw driver
  • Longer screw driver
  • Midget ratchet great in tight spaces
  • Ratchet with an extension 
  • Rachet, extension & screwdriver handle combo
  • 27-Piece set
  • Contains our most often used bits 
  • PLUS 1/4" Square Drive socket adapter 
  • PLUS 11 Allen Metric Hex bits
  • Famous midget ratchet, screwdriver handle & extension
  • Packaged in our traditional safety yellow or Desert Tan crush resistant, blow molded, polyethylene case.
"I have been in maintenance for almost 10 years, and this [kit] has been with me nearly the whole way. I could not see going without it. If you have ever had to reach in and under something with your allen key and cursed how long it took to get one bolt out, then you need to give this set a check. You wont know how you lived without it." - Sean
#1313 Spinner Standard/Fractional Allen Hex Kit  
​Spinner & Standard/Fractional Allen Hex
#2307 Metric Allen Kit 
Ratchet & Metric Allen 
"I work on machines in a factory and used to fight with standard Allen wrenches in tight spaces, but this has made life 1,000 times easier! I have yet to pick up a standard Allen wrench since my purchase. I have a pouch on my belt I have my kit in so it is on me at all times. It is always great to buy American...thank you."- Mr. Smith
NEW #5573 Deluxe Kit Plus Metric Allen Hex  
Phillips, Standard Allen Hex, Slotted, Socket Adapter & Metric Allen Hex 

  • This kit contains every part in the #7331 PLUS 
  • NEW! 8mm Metric Hex 
  • Deluxe expandable case with removable bit racks
  • Spinner top
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Includes a
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