• Conveniently packaged in a tough vinyl pocket sized pouch
  • Contains 17 additional insert bits to add flexibility to other kits.

(size indicates distance across flats)
1.5MM 2.0MM    2.5MM    3.0MM    4.0MM    5.0MM   6.0MM

(size indicates distance across flats)   
 1/16"    5/64"    3/32"   7/64"   1/8"  9/64"   5/32"    3/16"    7/32"   

Here's a video about our slotted kits

  • Great for firearms, weapons, dental and lab equipment
  • Sewing machines and fishing reels too
  • Or any equipment that requires a range of slotted screws
  • Our slotted bits have, straight parallel sides (not tapered like most screwdrivers) for maximum surface contact with the screw
  • Each slotted kit now comes with a free spinner to use on small, delicate screws
  • Our 12 slotted bits are also available in the Master Kit 5575 with every part we make 
  • We've received many questions about small firearm screws treated with Loctite. Green Loctite threadlocker is supposed to be used on screws smaller than 1/2" not the commonly used red threadlocker. More info here
Customer videos about the #8900
  • 36 piece must-have kit
  • All the bits in the 8900 including 12 slotted bits designed for gun-smithing work  
  • PLUS 7 torx bits for use on scopes and receivers 
  • Includes a Pocket Pack case to store the ratchet and a couple bits for trips to the range. 
  • Everything stores neatly in  a heavy duty injection molded crush resistant case with removable bit racks. 
  • Makes a great gift!
Free spinner with web order while supplies last
Slotted/Flathead Kits 558989009600, & G Adapter Pack 
Great for Firearms, Weapons, Sewing Machines, Dental & Lab Equipment 
 #5589 Deluxe Professional Gunsmithing 
Allen, Phillips, 12 straight sided slotted + Torx/Star
#8900 Standard PLUS Slotted Gun Kit 
Standard plus slotted
#9600 Starter Slotted Kit  
Phillips, Allen, 14 slotted
G Pack Campanion Insert Bit Pack
Hex, Metric Hex & Spinner 
  • 28-Piece Set
  • Contains our most often used interchangeable insert bits
  • PLUS straight sided slotted head bits designed for receivers, scopes and gunsmithing work
  • Packaged in safety yellow or desert tan, crush resistant, blow molded, polyethylene case
  • Includes 2 CM-88 and 2 CM-89 insert bits- often the workhorse bits
  • Packaged in safety yellow, crush resistant, blow molded, polyethylene case
 Phone:  (860) 349 - 9228  (Say Hi to Peggy or Rebecca!)   Fax: (860) 349 - 0084
  • 14 straight sided slotted head bits designed for receivers, scopes gunsmithing work
Includes a spinner!
Includes a spinner!
Includes a spinner!
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