• 100% American Made & Assembled 

A long time favorite of the US Military, Gunsmiths, Compound Archers, Dentists, Aerospace Industry Workers, Printing Press Machinists, Clock & Sewing Machine Repair People, Computer Technicians, Miniature Car & Plane Collectors, Calibration Technicians, Campers, Hunters, Homeowners, US Post Office, Assembly Workers and Jay Leno! 
For assembly and disassembly, Chapman miniature ratchet kits are ideal for working in tight spaces and are unsurpassed in versatility and speed. 
Welcome to Chapman MFG, home of  
American made miniature ratchet and insert bit kits!

  • Come see us at the MFG4 Show in Hartford, CT  May 6-8th booth #2041. We'll have deals and current tools and some new ones to show off!

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